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Introduction to Microscopy | Binocular Compound Microscope

Micron Optik is a trusted global partner to customers and Microscope suppliers and exporters, who are always available to provide the best possible devices, including laboratory microscope, binocular compound microscope to schools, colleges and research institutes.

We are engaged in providing the highly sophisticated Microscope products which is manufactured using the latest manufacturing equipments which ensure that a great deal of precision and accuracy is maintained all throughout the manufacturing process. These products are made available by us at leading industrial prices which are affordable. We always ensure that our clients are satisfied and henceforth we maintain the highest degree of quality in our products.

Microscope objectives are perhaps the most important components of an optical microscope because they are responsible for the entire primary image formation and play a significant role in determining the quality of images that the microscope is capable of producing.

Objectives are also instrumental in determining the magnification of a particular specimen and the resolution under which fine specimen detail can be observed in the microscope.

In order to realize the full potential of the microscopes, one must have a firm grasp of the fundamental physical principles surrounding its operation. One must be aware of complete understanding of the microscope, such as resolution, field of view, depth of field, objective working distance, numerical aperture, image brightness, conjugate planes, and also the useful magnification range of the specified microscope.

We have a comprehensive range of Microscopes with different models, which can be used in schools, colleges or research institutions.  

  • Dissecting Microscopes
  • Student Microscope
  • Pathological Monocular Microscope
  • Pathological Binocular Microscope
  • Research binocular Microscopes (Cresta Series)
  • Trinocular Microscopes
  • Multi-view Microscopes
  • Fluoroscent Microscope
  • Digital Microscopes

As different people have different requirements, we are served with it. We provide a wide range of microscopes, accumulating to their specific needs and requirements. The cost incurred is worth to pay as we serve the purpose of people in a very smooth way without making it difficult for them.

Our majority of the microscope offer appropriate objective when selected and utilized properly as these are designed to meet a certain set of qualifications depending on intended use, constraints on physical dimensions, and price ranges.

Consequently, objectives are made with degrees of correction that differ for chromatic and spherical aberration, freedom from fluorescence, transmission wavelengths, field size and flatness, birefringence, and additional factors contributing to background noise.

Additionally, they are intended to be used under certain limited conditions, such as with particular tube lengths and tube lenses, type and thickness of immersion media and coverslips, wavelength ranges, field sizes, ocular types, and special condensers.

Real-time preview, dynamic calibrating, precisely fabricated, accurate diagnosis, multiple peripheral interfaces, long lasting and comfortable mechanical design are few of the highlighting features of our range of microscopes.

So, what’s the wait for?

Get the best results with Micron’s high-efficiency Microscopes for a fruitful and hassle-free experience.

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