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A Technologically Advanced Digital Microscope

The world has been witnessing numerous technological advancements in almost all the spheres of life today. A Digital Microscope is one such technological innovation that has both medical and industrial usage. A Digital Microscope is an advanced laboratory microscope that provides three-dimensional measurements of the images being captured and also enables high-resolution magnification. It is a result of enhanced digital microscopy which is commonly used these days.

Binocular Compound Microscope

A Digital Microscope is entirely different from a Binocular Compound Microscope. A Binocular Compound Microscope allows the user to make use of both his eyes simultaneously whereas a Digital Microscope is modern-day equipment that is connected to the computer and also contains a tiny camera. Unlike the traditional laboratory microscope, it uses a built-in camera to have a magnified look of the objects than an eye-piece. The images showed by the Digital Microscope through its built-in camera can be projected on the computer screen in the form of images, videos, or time-lapse videos. These images are saved on the hard drive of the computer synchronized with the digital microscope.

High Quality Digital Microscopes @Micron Optik

Users have a wide variety of choices while choosing a digital camera for microscopy. The specifications and usage of each are different and hence it often gets difficult to find the most suitable one. At Micron Instrument Industries, we have spent considerable time in researching for such Digital Microscopes. Our thorough knowledge about the product helps us to recommend the most suitable type to our users depending upon their individual needs.

Our Micron Optik Digital Microscope has a huge selection of easily changeable lenses. It gives the user access to change between the observation methods by the click of a button. The Digital Microscopes offered by Micron Optik comes with a universal zoom head, contrast imaging, high-resolution image graphics, and a tilting frame which makes its usage a comfortable one.

Our customers have a choice of using this microscope with any other existing microscope such as a laboratory microscope, a Binocular Compound Microscope, or a Trinocular Microscope. The product offered by us comes with a USB camera and an Image Processing Software. The choice of camera offered ranges from 2MP to 14MP and many more.

These digital microscopes make use of CCD/CMOS sensors (charged coupling devices). These sensors help in incorporating light-sensitive pixels while capturing a real-time image. These real-time images give the user a considerable amount of time to study the specimen for a longer period and observe its visual progression. Since these images are saved on the computer, the user has an opportunity to go back to them later.

Moreover, users have the option to choose the type of Digital Microscope they wish to use. The models available in a Digital Microscope are Biological, Polarising, Compound, Inverted, USB, and Handheld. The most commonly used & sold are Handheld Microscopes for they are easy and comfortable to use and carry. This makes them a perfect choice for fieldwork.

Before purchasing a Digital Microscope, the user should consider the models’ magnification, resolution, the memory of the camera, and the connectivity. The cost of these microscopes varies according to their specifications. Since the models of a Digital Microscope come with software to allow video editing, measuring, and many more features, the price can slightly rise. Regular annual maintenance of the software is recommended in such cases. This image analysis software improves the quality of your inspection.

Power the productivity of your results with Micron’s high-efficiency Digital Microscopes for a hassle-free experience. We understand you.



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