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Microscopes are an essential part of all biological tasks pertaining to labs, hospitals, research centers, schools, college education, etc. They are essentially the instrument that allows people to view the items clearly that are hard to see with naked eyes. They are available in numerous types as per the use and need of the sectors or companies. A lot of industries sell microscopes in the market, which makes it a perplexing task to find the best quality.


With Micron Optik, all your stress is resolved. Micron Optik is a trusted global name in the zone of Microscope suppliers and exporters, who are always available to provide the best possible devices, including laboratory microscopes, compound microscopes to schools, colleges, and research institutes.

This company engages in offering top-notch quality and durable microscopes since the year 1966. The official name of the company is Micron Instruments Industries, and they sell their ace products under the famous brand name Micron Optik. Over more than half a century, the company has earned a name for itself as the top manufacturers of quality microscopes.

The company is vigorously engaged in the supply and export of ace microscopes all over the country. Micron Optik offers a gamut of biological microscopes and laboratory equipment for schools, colleges, research institutes, and hospitals. It provides these ideal, durable, and robust products and sells them at economical prices. The company has high-quality CNC machinery to ensure optimum accuracy. Our team works in collaboration with engineers and a qualified R&D department to produce a premium product line and gaining long-term relationship goals with the clients.

We have a complete range of CNC Machines for precise accuracy.

Our machine shop is equipped with-

  • 3 CNC turning centers
  • 2 VMC Milling centers
  • 2 horizontal milling machines
  • 2 milling machines
  • 4 lathe machines

We have skilled working equipment to attain high dimensional accuracy and maximize production. This company has been providing biology microscopes and other equipment for more than a decade, with the consistent trust and reliability of loyal consumers. Also, the number of clients is increasing every year, adding to the profitability of the company.

  • We offer a massive range of biological equipment for catering to the needs of students, medical requirements, and pathological needs, and for research & development. Apart from biology, we also provide equipment in other prominent domains like chemistry, glass, and physics; and also for fulfilling all the lab-related needs of the clients.


  • All the products of our company have ace manufacturing to ensure optimum quality and full safety measures. Optik Micron products have all the essential certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 1348, and CE. The manufacturing of the products is done as per international standards.


  • The machines company uses for manufacturing are entirely in-house. It includes prime quality and technologically equipped and fully automated CMC/VMC machines.


  • The company has long-term experience in the manufacture of microscopes under the brand name Micron Optik or on a private labeling basis.

Types of Microscopes

A microscope is an instrument that people use to avail enlarged images of objects that are so minute or small to be visible to healthy eyes. It displays an exceedingly upfront view of tiny structures to make them easily examinable. It is mainly brought to use for examination, analysis, and forming a report. Our team is well qualified and understands the importance of the microscope and the criticalness of its accuracy.

All our Microscopes are the latest in design, precision-engineered with the finest features, usually found in high-priced models. Their operational functions can be carried out without any difficulty and provide an excellent crisp clear image so that even advanced scientific studies are routinely possible. The Microscopes are extra-tough and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Here are a few of them-

  • Student microscopes- The student microscope is easy to use, sturdy, affordable and allows observers to see intricate cell details. The ranges of student microscopes we offer are excellent choices for students across all grades, science lovers, and hobbyists alike.

buy Student microscopes

  • Monocular microscopes- Monocular microscopes are used to study true microscopic-sized animals, plants, and cells. Magnification ranges typically from 40x to 1400x with the most useful observations being carried out in the 100x to 400x range.


  • Binocular microscopes- Virtually the same as a monocular microscope but with two eyepieces allowing less eyestrain. However, both eyepieces are trained onto a single objective lens so all views are flat. More expensive than a monocular microscope without much increase in potential.


  • Research microscopes- Scientific microscopes or research microscopes are designed for applications in scientific research. Being powerful, high-quality devices, scientific microscopes are often used in colleges, universities, and research labs and are more often meant for professionals use.


  • Digital microscopes The digital microscope functions as a standard stand-alone microscope, but since it includes a digital camera, it can also be connected to the computer with the included USB cable and becomes a digital video microscope.


  • Pathological microscopes- Pathological Microscopes are those Microscopes that are used for blood testing, observation of RBS’s, WBC, and all the contents which are to be seen by Pathologists and Doctors in the course of Blood Testings.

Pathological microscopes

At Micron Optik, we offer a variety of high-quality lenses that are highly in demand at clinics, hospitals, schools, universities, diagnostic centers, etc. The products of our brand are appreciated for their sturdy structure and easy use.

Having established our brand with a loyal customer base, we now offer a complete range of laboratory instruments to fulfill every single need of our valued customers. Be it glassware, plastic wares, or any of the analytic tools – we got you covered!

All our products have excellent manufacturing with a maximum ratio of accuracy along with great technological advancement. The manufacturing team provides in-house production, ample testing and precision, attractive designing, and smart engineering. Thus, all the microscopes and the range of laboratory instruments we offer are perfect for scientific and biological use right after unboxing.

Since its inception, we have dedicated ourselves to manufacturing top-notch quality microscopes and lab products. It has the vision to nurture young minds toward science and to assist in the development of humanity with researches. We have obtained all the certifications to ensure the best quality, attractive design, sturdy build, and optimum accuracy of our instruments. The company offers products at reasonable prices, and they are imported as well as exported extensively all over the world.

So, contact us for any kind of microscope or lab instruments you’re looking for!


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